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Ranker is a program for ranking of images. It allows users to load a set of images and rank the images in the set. Ranker allows ranking of images in two ways: rank assignment and pairwise ranking.
Ranker can be used for ranking of images by greater audience. In so called controlled mode, users from the audience log-in, read instructions, perform ranking of images from various sets and log-out. Results of the ranking are stored automatically for further processing.
Ranker allows also pairwise ranking of videos. Videos can be attached to the images in the set and played back during pairwise ranking.

- GTK+ based user interface
- Four kinds of image viewing (Main view with thumbnails, Single views, Dual view, Alternating view)
- Flexible, points based ranking range
- Pivot image (one special image that cannot be ranked)
- Fully configurable (background colors, thumbnail sizes)
- Fully interactive program mode (single user can do anything)
- Interactive controlled mode (single user can do a defined set of actions)
- Directed controlled mode for multiple users
- Support for internationalization
- Autotools based source code distribution


Download and project page:

GTKmm 2.22 or 2.24, Libglade 2.5, SDL 1.2, libVLC 2.0.2, and dependencies of these libraries. Most of Linux distributions come with gtkmm-devel package and other dependencies in their repositories.
GTKmm 2.22 installer for Windows can be downloaded here:

Supported operating systems:
Modern GNU/Linux distributions and Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Ranker is now stable